Audience Awards Film Festival

at Infinity Film Festival, Beverly Hills

2018 Audience Awards @ Infinity Film Festival: Beverly Hills



Audience Awards believes that filmmakers have the power to change the world. The audience is hungry for diverse, entertaining and authentic stories. We know that the entertainment industry wants to do better with diversity, but doesn't have an outlet to connect with diverse filmmakers. So we connect emerging & established filmmakers with opportunities to advance their careers to get your stories out in the world.

audience awards @ Infinity Film festival

Audience Awards has partnered with Infinity Film Festival to screen our award-winning short films. We focus on impact, innovation and diversity in short-form filmmaking. We celebrate the winners of our online film challenges and festivals and honor industry veterans for their pioneering work in film and community engagement. Infinity Film Festival brings together Hollywood, Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach in the most famous zip code in the world! Attendees are invited to "Experience Limitless Media" and celebrate story advanced by technology.